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Welcome to Tuscawilla Hills Citizens Association's  Website

Welcome to the website for the Tuscawilla Hills Citizen Association located in Jefferson County West Virginia. This Website is intended for homeowners who can't attend the association meeting and a place for information about their community association.

Tuscawilla Hills Subdivision

Meeting minutes Click here. updated 10/15/15

The PMP office is located at 340 Edmond Road, Suite E, Kearneysville, WV  25430.  All meetings begin at 7 pm and held at PMP office.

Meet your new Board of Directors for 2017. Click here.

Your 2017 Meetings, Events and News Releases:

Jan 10th – Citizens Annual Meeting March 14th – Board Meeting May 9th – Board Meeting May 20th – Spring Cleanup Day July 11th – Board Meeting Sept 12th – Board Meeting Oct 10th – Board Meeting & Budget Ratification Nov 14th – Board Meeting Nov 18th – Fall Cleanup Day

More dates to follow.

The Spring Newsletter is now online:  read about the 2017 Annual meeting summary, Safety in the neighborhood and Community News.

News release: Sign up for Weather Alerts in Jefferson County Click here for more info.

New Documents available:         

       1-12-16 meeting minutes PDF and  3-8-16 meeting minutes PDF

       2016 approved Budget. PDF

        Charles Town Utility Sewer Improvement Project

For updated news please visit the Charles Town Utility Project

An Updated Reserve Study by Mason and Mason for 2012 can be found here.

Eastern Panhandle Organization of Homeowners Associations, Inc.

EPOHOA focuses on issues relating to the preservation and promotion of the present and future welfare of homeowners representing Berkeley, Grant, Hampshire, Hardy, Jefferson, Mineral, Morgan, Pendelton and Tucker counties of West Virginia.

New!!! Direct Account Access:

At this time, Property Management People is pleased to announce online access to your account. Now you can view your payment history, check your account balance; see if late charges have been posted to your account, access tools for responding to a violation letter you may have received. Make payments, download community documents, Interface directly with Property Management People.  This site will also provide you with the ability to automatically receive news about the community and your account. Click Here to View your account now.

Attention Homeowners

If ever there is a break in your water line (especially in the evening, weekend or holiday) you can call Bob Tansill at 725-9593. He is a volunteer in our homeowners association and he now has the special tool needed to turn off your water where it connects to the main city line until a plumber can make the necessary repair. There will be no charge for this community service.

Please read: Rules and Regulations for 'Recreational Vehicles'

Check out the new maps  Click Here. Thank you PMP.

Attention: Covenants are now online, learn how to see yours now. Also the Tuscawilla Bylaws and Tuscawilla Articles of Incorporation.

Notice: Be sure to check out the links to the left. On the Documents Page you will see Meeting Minutes, the Newsletter Page, the latest news and our new Covenants page.